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Correct methodology for required sharing ?

I was reviewing the rules and checking to ensure all of my `i`s were dotted and `t`s crossed after submission etc., and saw in the rules that:

> An invite link to the Airtable base where the fully-functioning Block is released;

is required. This was a field during (a rather hurried) submission, so I quickly found the (SHARE) button in my Base, clicked it, grabbed the URL, pasted it, submitted, boom. But then as I mentioned I reviewed all of the details of my submission, including testing that URL, but when I did so, I saw with horror:

> This block is disabled.

This makes sense now that I've diagnosed it - the share is read-only, and the Block requires *Editor* or greater perms - but none of that was mentioned during submission or in the rules - and my instinct was that read-only made sense in order to ensure random people viewing my project couldn't alter my data - but now I realize that was a mistake. Is there any way to correct my share URL to include the required elevated permissions? Thanks!


  • Manager   •   about 3 years ago

    Great catch. You can email me the correct invite URL at m@airtable.com.

    And we do have a back up plan for folks that are worried. We can clone the base and release the block from forking your github. Extra work on our side and more room for missing pieces, but still possible to evaluate nonetheless.

  •   •   about 3 years ago

    Thank you so much! I should have known better - I remember testing with various permissions during the examples, but it didn't occur to me during the frenzy of submission, and "read-only"/default seemed sensible at that time. You've got mail - thanks again, and for this awesome contest! :)

  •   •   about 3 years ago

    Hi Michelle, I faced similar issues. Will send the link with editor permissions to m@airtable.com

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