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Submission/release questions

In the "Share your block" section in https://airtable.com/developers/blocks/guides/polishing-your-block there's this "submit your open source block" link (https://airtable.com/shrVsXvCPy0ajfk5C). Is this the right way of doing it?

Also, does the submission need to be open source?

Do I separately need to sign up for the competition?

I just looked at the `block release` command, it requires a `package-lock.json` file. I'm having a non-trivial build process (e.g. I'm including a local package with yarn workspaces). What's the best way to submit the block in this case? Can I submit just the bundle?


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    Hi Lukas,

    To submit a block to the contest, you will need to submit through Devpost. The link you shared is for our community gallery, not the contest.

    Yes, all submissions need to be open source. You can find our official rules here: https://airtable.devpost.com/rules

    Are you able to publish the local package you're including in the block on npm and then install it from npm instead of using yarn workspaces? That should let block release go through. We're exploring ways to allow more custom build processes in the future, but right now there isn't a way to release your block without running block release

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    Can't publish the package unfortunately. I guess I just have to build it separately and then put the bundle in a separate package to submit. Why do you want people to upload the package.json, ...?

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    Are all blocks required to be open source? If we don't take part in the competition, can we submit a block without publishing the source code?
    Does publishing a bundle count as open-source? I'm using some proprietary packages that I can't open source.

  • Manager   •   over 3 years ago

    In general, blocks do not need to be open source if you're just releasing it in your base and you're not participating in the contest. If you're looking to share your block, you need to open source it so that other users can fork it by using the remix from Github feature in custom blocks.

    It sounds like you have something in mind that is not related to the contest. Can you email us at blocks@airtable.com with more detail on the packages / situation?

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